Powder mixing machine



Powder of various elements/compounds such as Cobalt, Tin, Silver, Tungsten metal , Tungsten Carbide etc. are weighed along with requisite diamond grit. These are then put in stainless steel jars/cans which are then loaded on the mixing machine. Mixing machine when Put On runs for predetermined time through programmable timer planned which runs the machine. It allows all the powders put in required proportion depending upon the bond selected to uniformly mix and become amalgamated as required for further process of compacting and hot sintering.

Machine Specification

Model : TMMA

H.P : Geared Motor , 1 H.P , 3 Phase , 415v , 50 Hz.

Capacity : 10 Kgs in four jars/cans.

Machine Supplied : with or without Programmable Timer.

Appx. Dimension : 700 L * 800 B* 1200 H in mm.

Special Programmable Timer

Machine is supplied with programmable timer and electric circuitry having following features:

  • ON delay
  • OFF delay
  • Cycle ON
  • Cycle OFF
  • Auto Reverse/Forward with pause with 4 set timers.
  • Multiple timer range : 1-9999 sec/min/hours.
  • Battery backup for power failure-for programmable setting only.

Machine would continue as per the pre-set cycle after power is restored




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