RANGE: 25 TO 250 KVA



The Electric Resistance Heating is the least expensive way to change electricity into heat in any metallic object. In a furnace, the entire furnace has to be heated, the elements have to be heated, which in-turn many times heat a muffle which in turn heats the part in which heat is desired. Resistance heating is a more direct method of producing heat only in the object in which heat is needed.


Just a few of the applications would be; wire drawing, extruding, warm or hot heading, brazing, forging, upsetting, roll parts, heat treating, heating strip stock for shearing, for forming, drawing and rolling, soldering and general purpose heating.


Following are the specifications

mary/ Power Supply MODEL UNITS TBH-25 TBH-50 TBH-100 TBH-250
Supply Voltage at 1 ph. 50 Hz V 415 415 415 415
Input power at Max. current KVA 25 50 100 250
Switch fuse A 80 150 300 650
Current taps No. 6 6 8 8
Duty cycle % 100 100 100 100


  • Lower energy consumption.
  • Immediate start of heating operation.
  • Low scale formation.
  • No decarburization of the skin.
  • Good soaking of the bars.
  • Compact design, smaller outer dimensions.
  • No foundations required.
  • Shorter heating times with high temperature precision.
  • No Pollution




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