upset butt welder

Upset Butt Welder



Weld quality obtained is mechanically and metallurgically similar to the parent metal . Because of shorter weld times the process is suited for higher production than other conventional methods .No additional material such as rods or gas etc. are required , thus It is highly economical. The machine cycle involves heating ,upset butt welding followed by flash removal by special molybdenum alloyed inserts.


Upset butt welding of copper rod, brass rod , high speed tools to carbon steel & others .

Salient Features

  • Fully hydraulically operated & upset by high speed pneumatic thrust .
  • Air cooled transformer having core of high grade silicon steel confirms to IS 4804 ,Part II.
  • Precision control on initial die opening Upset length , time , length and final die opening .
  • Precision time delay circuit for upset current .
  • Safety and sequential interlinks provided for prolonged trouble free tooling operation .
  • Highly rigid structure to counter the upset forces .
  • Basic machine can be fitted with wide range of specifically designed to suit individual components .
  • All the functions are through PLC operation for precision settings and ease of control .




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